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 50-pin Centronics External SCSI

50-pin Centronics external SCSI (Single-ended)

Type: 50-pin Centronics

Pin Function Details
1-25 GND Ground
26 DB0 Data Bus 0
27 DB1 Data Bus 1
28 DB2 Data Bus 2
29 DB3 Data Bus 3
30 DB4 Data Bus 4
31 DB5 Data Bus 5
32 DB6 Data Bus 6
33 DB7 Data Bus 7
34 PARITY Data Parity (odd Parity)
35 GND Ground
36 GND Ground
37 GND Ground
38 TMPWR Termination Power
39 GND Ground
40 GND Ground
41 /ATN Attention
42 n/c Not connected
43 /BSY Busy
44 /ACK Acknowledge
45 /RST Reset
46 /MSG Message
47 /SEL Select
48 /C/D Control/Data
49 /REQ Request
50 /I/O Input/Output



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