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 8-Inch Floppy Drive

8-Inch Floppy drive

Type: 48-pin edge

Pin Function Details
2 /REDWC Density Select
4 n/c Reserved
6 n/c Reserved
8 n/c Reserved
10 /FD2S Disk is two sided
12 /DCG Disk has been changed/door open
14 /SIDE Side select
16 /DLOCK Door lock
18 /HLD Head load
20 /INDEX Index Pulse
22 /READY Ready
24 n/c Not connected
26 /SEL1 Select Drive 1
28 /SEL2 Select Drive 2
30 /SEL3 Select Drive 3
32 /SEL4 Select Drive 4
34 /DIR Direction
36 /STEP Step
38 /WDAT Write data
40 /WGAT Write gate
42 /TR00 Track 00 (Zero)
44 /WPROT Write protect
46 /RDATA Read data
48 n/c Not connected

All odd pins are ground



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